Turn intent into impact

What do you dream your organization could become?  Why did you get into the business in the first place?  Is the complexity of business getting in the way of achieving the impact you want?

Pivot was founded to help you stay flexible and responsive to your environment, while staying ‘on point’.  Get centered on your reason for being, and turn intent into impact!


How can we think more effectively?  Are you committing your resources to the right programs?  What is getting in peoples’ way?  Is work more complicated than it needs to be?

Focus on the right work.  Chart a course for the future and empower your team to get there.  Make strategic choices armed with the information you need.  Pivot provides comprehensive strategic services including: strategic plans, session facilitation, program plans, stakeholder engagement, operational reviews and competitive analysis.


Build your network of support – stakeholders, donors, champions, community.  Can you find true collaboration?  Are you communicating effectively?  Is your team developing meaningful relationships with them?

Pivot will bring the art and the science of relationship building to help you build your community, to create bigger impact.  Pivot provides coaching and training for your team, feasibility studies, stakeholder engagement programs and culture resets.



Have your revenues plateaued, or worse?  Do you need new business streams or new fundraising programs?  Do your costs feel out of control?

Pivot can plot a plan to drive revenue, target new markets and improve cost efficiency.  Pivot develops revenue and program plans, directs and coaches implementation of new initiatives and delivers easy to understand analysis, benchmarking you against your competition.