A Case Study in Community Health Transformation

Abrio Health will fundamentally change how health and health care can serve a community.  This ground breaking project has evolved from initial community consultation to implementing several groundbreaking innovations never before seen in Canada.  With a goal of making Airdrie, Alberta the healthiest community in Canada, Abrio’s work aims to increase healthy life expectancy of a whole community while also proving a model that will save approximately 30% in health care spending by focusing on the social determinants of health.  These initiatives include:

  • Becoming the first Blue Zone Project outside of the United States
  • A Digital Health Strategy to empower people and the community to own your own health
  • Development of a Health Park Hub
  • Working to integrate systems and stakeholders for alignment and collaboration

Pivot continues to support Abrio Health as their lead on Development & Strategy, including the following:

  • Led start-up funding rounds to secure multimillion dollar operating and project requirements
  • Supporting Board governance
  • Business model innovation and strategy
  • Counsel on technology innovation and intellectual property strategy
  • Working with community partners on key projects such as the Youth Hub
  • Other signature project planning for future development

What the client says:
“Erin has been a unique asset to our organization with deep expertise in stimulating and facilitating strategic thinking and opportunity for systemic innovation. With broad knowledge of many sectors and natural leadership, she is able to leverage stakeholder and opinion leader support to gain buy-in and inspire others to deliver within complex strategy. From local working groups to board and executive teams, Erin provokes valuable insights and perspectives on the future, disruption, industry and social shifts and opportunities. Above all, she is professional, reliable, trustworthy, and discreet.”